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I’m Fine

I’m fine, I say.
I’m lying to myself,
To get through the day.
It’s never heartfelt.

Today was rough,
I’m not excited for tomorrow.
I’ve had just about enough,
Of feeling this intense sorrow.

I’m fine, I lie.
I put on a fake smile,
And avoid the urge to cry.
What makes life worthwhile?

Worth, something I lack.
Self-loathing at it’s peak.
My brain’s all out of wack,
My future seems bleak.

I’m fine, I fabricate.
The medication isn’t working.
I just can’t concentrate,
As I can feel the demons lurking.

An unwelcome presence,
Yet they reside in my brain.
Is this a life lesson,
Is there a reason for this pain?

I’m fine, I hope to be.
I want to be normal,
I want to love me.
This pain seems eternal.

It’s a chemical imbalance,
I’m well aware.
Living lately is a challenge,
But I’ll fight to end this despair.

Fighting, that’s all I can do.
Surviving, because I’m supposed to.
Writing, it helps me get through.
Thriving, as I change my point of view.

– The Bipolar Gamer


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