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Gratitude Journal: 4/7/23

This week, I am grateful for: Meeting the cast of Scream (1996) recently Music to get me through some rough mornings this week Having the day off from work today Making plans for the weekend What are you grateful for this week?

This Too Shall Pass

"No matter how dark the night, the morning always comes."Lulu: Final Fantasy X This quote serves as a good reminder that nothing lasts forever. I know it's hard to see it this way when you're lost in the darkness, but the sun has to rise eventually. Keep fighting, and don't give up. Allow yourself morning.

Returning Demon (Poem)

This is an old poem of mine that has a rather dark tone, but it felt fitting for the mood I've been in this week. This past version of myself isn't exactly a representation of my current headspace, but it still feels relatable to me. I hope it can help someone else not feel so... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Journal: 3/31/23

This week, I am grateful for: My job paying for me to take a course to better myself My job landing a big new contract Being appreciated for my work Having tickets to meet the original cast of Scream (1996) this weekend What are you grateful for this week?

Depression And Addiction Resource Guide

I was recently reached out to by Nicole, who works with Boca Recovery Center, which is a free web resource and 24/7 helpline that provides information about addiction, pregnancy, eating disorders, and mental health issues. Nicole mentioned this in her email to me: Nearly a quarter of American adults in 2020 had a form of... Continue Reading →

End The Stigma

"You must always remember that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."Alucard Tepes: Castlevania This feels like a good reminder for myself and one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place: to spread awareness. The stigma and ignorance behind mental illness is... Continue Reading →

Stable (Poem)

This is another older poem that I wrote when I felt a little more stability due to the medication I was on at the time. The point is, it's possible with time and patience. Also, maybe a little bit of forgiveness if you don't reach your wellness goals. Have compassion for yourself, and be proud... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Journal: 3/24/23

This week, I am grateful for: Getting a lot of stuff done at work Being appreciated for my work Listening to music in the mornings Making weekend plans with my wife What are you grateful for this week?

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