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Beyond: Two Souls – A Beyond Underrated Game

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive narrative driven game from Quantic Dream; the studio who brought us Heavy Rain and the more recent Detroit: Become Human. Without a doubt, Beyond: Two Souls is the most underrated game of all time. It deserves more praise than it initially got after it launched. I urge you to play it before continuing further if... Continue Reading →

The Last Of Us Part II – A Miserable Masterpiece

This is an older review I wrote for a site that I no longer have, but my opinion of it still stands. I felt that it's time to showcase this game again. Enjoy! The Last of Us on PS3 was the nothing short of a masterpiece in storytelling; so much so that even the thought of... Continue Reading →

Bully – A PS2 Classic

Bully took the world by storm in 2006 on the PS2 before porting to various other consoles throughout the years. It's a true classic that lives on to this day and fans are clamoring for a sequel to this beloved gem. Nobody knows what Rockstar is working on at the moment but I wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Lost Judgment – Wasted Potential

Judgment released exclusively on the PS4 in 2018 and hit the ground running with a fantastic murder-mystery story that kept you on the edge of your seat throughout its duration. Lost Judgment, however, takes a vastly different approach in several regards. While it certainly comes in hard with the punches, not all of them are... Continue Reading →

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