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Stable (Poem)

This is another older poem that I wrote when I felt a little more stability due to the medication I was on at the time. The point is, it's possible with time and patience. Also, maybe a little bit of forgiveness if you don't reach your wellness goals. Have compassion for yourself, and be proud... Continue Reading →

Medicated (Poem)

I wrote this poem sometime early last year when I was really going through it. The endless sea of depression, despite taking medication, kept on coming. This made me quit all of my medications at once, which probably made things worse. I'm in a better place now, thankfully. Don't give up. This, too, shall pass.... Continue Reading →

Held Back (Poem)

I have hopes,I have goals.Yet all I can do is mope,As I continue to dig this hole. There's a devil in me,It holds me back.I want to be set free,I want to pick up the slack. Goals go unfulfilled,My mind goes blank.It's not that I'm unskilled,I'm just stuck in a dunk tank. The devil throws... Continue Reading →

I’m Fine (Poem)

I'm fine, I say.I'm lying to myself,To get through the day.It's never heartfelt. Today was rough,I'm not excited for tomorrow.I've had just about enough,Of feeling this intense sorrow. I'm fine, I lie.I put on a fake smile,And avoid the urge to cry.What makes life worthwhile? Worth, something I lack.Self-loathing at it's peak.My brain's all out... Continue Reading →

Apathy (Poem)

This older poem of mine reflects how I feel apathetic a lot of the time. Thank you for reading. 🙏 Apathy is a powerful word,It comes with a powerful meaning.My wish for change goes unheard,As I can't feel myself bleeding. Depression, without the crying.Aggression, without the remorse.Recession, without the trying.Oppression, without the force. I feel... Continue Reading →

Mania (Poem)

I remember writing this as a way to describe the manic side of bipolar disorder. Maybe someone else can relate to it. Thank you for reading. 🙏 Let me describe being manic,It's one part of being bipolar.It's symptoms could be gigantic,As it's often hard to control her. It's almost the opposite of depression,It often just... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry (Poem)

I originally wrote this as an apology for the wide variety of emotions I felt that led to certain things happening in my life. Maybe someone else can find this relatable. Thank you for reading. 🙏 First things first, I'm okay.But I feel that I must write this,As I have some stuff to say.Perhaps then... Continue Reading →

Welcome Back, Demon (Poem)

I believe I wrote this poem when I was going from a manic episode into a depressive episode. Depression can hit like a ton of bricks when coming off of a manic high, so my hope is that someone may find comfort in this. Thank you for reading. 🙏 Welcome back, demon,I've been expecting you.Now,... Continue Reading →

The Diagnosis (Poem)

This is a re-upload of an older poem I wrote. I've gained many more followers since posting this originally, so I figured now was a good time to reintroduce it. This is essentially my story. I intend on posting a mixture of older and newer poems each week, so there's many more to come. Thank... Continue Reading →


What is my purpose?What am I doing here?Was I meant to feel this worthless?Why does the future seem so unclear? These questions always crossed my mind,I contemplated my existence daily.How could I be so blind?The answers were inside of me. I've known what I wanted to be,I've known what I was meant to do.Depression took... Continue Reading →

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