The Power Of Music

Music has had a significant impact on my life; I'd venture to say that it's one of the main reasons I'm still breathing. Without music, my soul is lost. As important as music is to me, when I fell off of my writing, I also lost touch with my music. Now that I've returned to... Continue Reading →

I’m Back

Long time no see everyone. It's been about 2 months since I've posted or even written anything. What happened? Well, I'm not too sure. I'd love to sit here and say I took a break to find myself again but that would sort of be a lie. Truth is, life has been pretty hectic. Between... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Journal: 2/26/22

This week, I am grateful for: Being able to eat out at our favorite restaurantsSpending time with familyGetting approved for a new apartmentGreat new music What are you grateful for this week?

Gratitude Journal: 2/19/22

This week, I am grateful for: Spending time with familyBeing able to pay all of my billsGetting interviews for new jobsBeing able to start planning to move What are you grateful for this week?

Why I Started Therapy

This entry into the "Why I" series is going to be a little more real than usual. I feel the more open I am, the better my message comes across. I encourage anyone who needs help to seek it without the fear of judgment. Now, why did I start therapy? The Anger During my manic... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Journal: 2/12/22

This week, I am grateful for: Spending time with familyHaving extra money this weekFeeling better mentallyMy psychologistMaking future plans that I'm excited for What are you grateful for this week?

“Why I” – Return Of A Series

Lately I've been pondering my existence and what my purpose is on this earth. I think knowing the why to something can be a powerful motivator because you'll have a deeper understanding of what that certain thing means to you. So, my "Why I" series is being brought back. This will be a journey of... Continue Reading →

Writers Block

Ever since coming back to writing, I've had a terrible case of writers block and I'm not sure how to overcome it. It's like I have no idea what to write about anymore. Any tips on how to get back into the groove of things would be helpful. Thank you all!

Q & A: Ask Me Anything!

I'm bringing back my weekly Q and A post. So, ask me anything and I'll be sure to link back to your blog when I answer your question in an upcoming post! Have a great day! 🙏

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