Past Projects From Being Manic

I’ve had a mad case of writer’s block lately and one of the best ways to overcome it is to simply write. Pick a topic and just write. For the purpose of this blog I’ve decided to write a little bit about some of my past projects.

By past projects I mean projects that we’re the result of my manic episodes; some ideas that seemed great at the time but just didn’t work out and I lost interest rather quickly.

Character Design

This one was the first instance where I noticed my manic symptoms as it kind of came out of nowhere. I did extensive research on character design; I bought courses on Udemy, read tons of articles, reached out to character artists on LinkedIn just to get a feel of the scene I was going to get into.

I actually have pictures of my first designs:

Not the best, but manic me thought I was on my way to working at a favorite video game developer’s studio. Yeah, this manic episode lasted about a week before I lost interest in it all together. Then it was back to being depressed and hopeless.


Quite the jump, right? Character design to programming. Granted, this was an entirely different manic episode that happened maybe 8 months later, with the manic episodes in between being the ones where I spend money recklessly.

I was studying C++ in an attempt to land a job at that same devlopment studio. At least they shared a common objective. I also have pictures showing that work:

If you don’t know programming, the above pictures show a very simple system in which the user inputs their favorite number and the code I wrote will output a predetermined response. While it’s beginner stuff, again, manic me thought it was beyond impressive and knew I was destined for greatness. This episode lasted roughly a week as well.


Luckily, this is the one thing that stuck. I don’t always feel in the mood to write, but I do enjoy the process when I’m actually writing. For instance, despite having writer’s block right now, the more I write, the easier it becomes. This article has been kind of like journaling which I highly recommend for everyone to do.

Anyways, I’m going to end it here. This was just a few of my great ideas from being manic. Next time I can talk about how being manic has impacted my interpersonal relationships and occupational goals, fun stuff. Have a great day. 🙏

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