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About Me

Hello world (see what I did there?). I’m The Bipolar Gamer. A little about me; I love video games, TV shows, and movies. We will certainly talk about that during my blog posts, but let me tell you about my backstory and why I’m making this website.

I’ve tried my hand at many different things in an attempt to find my passion. I’ve tried making video games from scratch in Unity, only to discover how dull and drawn out the process was for me personally.

I dabbled in some character design software which was incredibly more intriguing than making the games themselves, but for some reason I couldn’t keep myself from losing interest in my creations rather fast. (Here’s a couple)

Not terrible for my first attempts. Moving forward I started writing about video games and discovered a passion for it. I even started to write for a couple video game article publishing websites (TheGamer and GameRant). However, my interests kept fading away and I didn’t understand why. This caused me to stop writing entirely for about 9 months.

Here I was, thinking that maybe writing wasn’t a passion, just a passing interest. In August of 2020, I felt lost and was looking into jobs in the video game industry and started teaching myself programming in C++. Again, this interest led to absolutely nowhere and quickly faded away. Why was this happening? I had to do something to figure out why.

The Diagnosis

Combine the lack of interest in activities with constant mood changes, shifting from happy to depressed for weeks at a time, and I had essentially given up hope. I knew I had to reach out for help for my own benefit. A few months later after seeing a psychologist on a weekly basis, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder.

I wouldn’t say my world turned upside down as I did a lot of research before seeking help, but the diagnosis did bring me a lot of clarity and insight that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It’s good to know that my thoughts and feelings are valid and there’s an explicit reason for why these things keep happening.

Bipolar 2 Disorder isn’t curable but it is manageable with the proper medication/psychotherapy, whichever works for that individual.

My Intent

My goal with this website is to show people that it’s okay to seek help when they need it, and to encourage others to reach out to friends and family that they suspect need help. Never assume someone is happy because they smile all the time, they could be fighting demons behind closed doors. Get educated on what depression looks like so that you can help those in need.

I should also mention the content here will be heavily revolving around video games, TV shows, movies, poetry, and much more. I believe that these are important outlets that we use as a means to escape from reality. I’m an avid gamer but I struggle with Bipolar 2 Disorder. I am The Bipolar Gamer.

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