Judgment – An Eye For An Eye

From the developers of the Yakuza series comes a new game in the franchise called Judgment. What appears to be some sort of spin-off at it’s surface quickly distinguishes itself and manages to stand out among the other games in it’s genre. Whether you’re familiar with the series or discovering it for the first time, Judgment is the perfect place... Continue Reading →

The Best PlayStation Exclusives

Playstation is unsurprisingly known for their amazing lineup of exclusives. While not all of them stay exclusive as they find their way to success on PC as well, they started off on Sony's platform. For this list, I'm counting down my picks for the best exclusives on PlayStation. If the game is now playable on... Continue Reading →

Sony Have Lost It

I'm not one to report gaming news, like at all. I try to keep up with what's going on in the gaming industry but I mostly just play the games that peak my interest without getting invested in rumors. However, this news is upsetting and downright infuriating. Sony has lost it. I'm highly disappointed in... Continue Reading →

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