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My Scream Collection

If you read my post from a couple of days ago, you know why I love Scream so much. In that post, I mentioned that I have a collection of Scream related items. Today, I'd like to show you this collection. Here is a general overview of what I have sitting on one of my... Continue Reading →

My Current Favorite Shows

I haven't discussed television much at all on this blog. This is mainly because I don't watch TV that much. I'm not the type of person to binge-watch a show on the weekend anymore. There’s nothing wrong with that; your free time is your free time. I just prefer to watch it in intervals when... Continue Reading →

Beyond: Two Souls – A Beyond Underrated Game

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive narrative driven game from Quantic Dream; the studio who brought us Heavy Rain and the more recent Detroit: Become Human. Without a doubt, Beyond: Two Souls is the most underrated game of all time. It deserves more praise than it initially got after it launched. I urge you to play it before continuing further if... Continue Reading →

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