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Social Anxiety

If you struggle with social anxiety, you aren't alone. For the longest time, social interactions cause me a great deal of anxiety; to the point where I do my best to avoid any and all social interactions at all times. I work night shifts and I work alone to avoid having to talk to people.... Continue Reading →

What Not To Say To Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Living with bipolar disorder, I hear many things from many people that know, and some that don't know, about my condition. While they may all have the best of intentions, some things they say may be interpreted as destructive or condescending. These are a few things NOT to say to someone with bipolar disorder. You... Continue Reading →

Types Of Depression

As someone who frequently experiences periods of extreme depression, I'm adamant about educating not only others but myself about what exactly depression is. Little did I know, there's at least 9 types of depression and they're often misconstrued. I'm here to educate you about the different types and my take on each of them. I'm... Continue Reading →

Accepting Your Mental Illness

I recently posted an article about how to combat depression. In it, I refer to depression as a demon, an opposing force that's not supposed to be within you but it is. In my mind, I created an enemy because it made sense. It was something growing within me and it had taken control of... Continue Reading →

How To Combat Depression

For the longest time, depression was kicking my butt. To the point where I had lost all hope of ever getting better. Now, I feel I've gotten a better grip on it. It still lingers, but not as intensely. I'd like to share some of my findings with you. Also, check out PhoebeMD's article about... Continue Reading →

Sadness Vs Depression

I must admit, I've had writer's block as of late. So, I did a little research on topics to write about. In my research I came across this: This resonated with me. After having experienced both situational depression and clinical depression, I found this would be a good topic to explore again. Sadness Sadness is... Continue Reading →

World Bipolar Day

Today is World Bipolar Day. It's an important day as it's a day to bring awareness to the disorder. This article on why it's important is a great read but I'll be discussing it here. Bipolar Disorder Affects Every Aspect Of Life It may be hard to comprehend the full effects of Bipolar Disorder as... Continue Reading →

Put Yourself First

My life recently has been filled with a cluster of choices, some more difficult than others, and I'm often left indecisive. I try to rationalize each side of the table in a way that makes sense but both seem like reasonable arguments. The problem here is I don't ask myself what I want or what... Continue Reading →

Start Your Day With Gratitude

A little weekend motivation for you all. Give SimplisticProsperity a visit for more exceptional content. Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. Eckhart Tolle What are you grateful for? If you would’ve asked me this question two years ago, chances are high that I would’ve blankly... Continue Reading →

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