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Beyond: Two Souls – A Beyond Underrated Game

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive narrative driven game from Quantic Dream; the studio who brought us Heavy Rain and the more recent Detroit: Become Human. Without a doubt, Beyond: Two Souls is the most underrated game of all time. It deserves more praise than it initially got after it launched. I urge you to play it before continuing further if... Continue Reading →

The Last Of Us Part II – A Miserable Masterpiece

This is an older review I wrote for a site that I no longer have, but my opinion of it still stands. I felt that it's time to showcase this game again. Enjoy! The Last of Us on PS3 was the nothing short of a masterpiece in storytelling; so much so that even the thought of... Continue Reading →


Towards the end of September of 2022, we hit 700 followers. Today, we reached 800! We are one step closer to reaching 1000! My goal in 2023 for this blog is to expand my reach and elevate my content in ways I've yet to explore. I'm unsure of what that is at the moment, but... Continue Reading →

Q & A: Ask Me Anything!

Hello, everyone. I'd like to try to revive my old Q & A series. So, if you have any questions for me, feel free to comment them below or email me at Each question will get its own separate blog post on a Sunday, and the person who asked the question will be linked... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Video Games Of 2022

This year has been quite a rollercoaster for me, personally. Lots of change and inconsistency, especially regarding my mental health. However, one constant that remains is my burning desire to play some of the newest games releasing. While I haven't been reviewing the games as I play them as I normally would, I have definitely... Continue Reading →

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