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Why I Collect | Why I Thursday

It's Thursday! That means it's time for a deep dive into my psyche by trying to find my why in one of many circumstances. This week, I figured I'd follow up on last week's post of Why I Play Video Games and answer a question related to it. Why Do I Collect? As I mentioned... Continue Reading →

Bully – A PS2 Classic

Bully took the world by storm in 2006 on the PS2 before porting to various other consoles throughout the years. It's a true classic that lives on to this day and fans are clamoring for a sequel to this beloved gem. Nobody knows what Rockstar is working on at the moment but I wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Q & A With Simpleek

I recently had the pleasure of doing a collaboration with Simpleek. She's also an avid gamer with a knack for writing as she creates very compelling content for her readers. I highly encourage you to check her out. What's your favorite game of all time? TBG: Without a doubt, The Last of Us and The... Continue Reading →

The Best Of Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite video game developer. I grew up playing their games and they continue to put out hit after hit. Without further ado, here are what I perceive to be the best Naughty Dog games. Honorable Mentions Crash Bandicoot: WarpedJak 3Jak X: Combat RacingThe Last of... Continue Reading →

Resident Evil Outbreak

Does anyone have any interest in reading about the various characters in Resident Evil Outbreak? The reason I ask is because I've had several character analysis articles written on my old site I've yet to upload to this one. They've been in my backlog for a while now and I haven't found the right time... Continue Reading →

The Best Video Games Of The Year 2007

Last time we took a look at the best games of the year 2006. Here are my picks for the best games of the year 2007. I’m only including games I’ve played as it wouldn’t be an authentic list if I included a game simply due to popularity. Ratatouille I only vaguely remember this game but... Continue Reading →

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