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The Diagnosis (Poem)

This is a re-upload of an older poem I wrote. I've gained many more followers since posting this originally, so I figured now was a good time to reintroduce it. This is essentially my story. I intend on posting a mixture of older and newer poems each week, so there's many more to come. Thank... Continue Reading →


What is my purpose?What am I doing here?Was I meant to feel this worthless?Why does the future seem so unclear? These questions always crossed my mind,I contemplated my existence daily.How could I be so blind?The answers were inside of me. I've known what I wanted to be,I've known what I was meant to do.Depression took... Continue Reading →

Silent Suffering (Poem)

*** Trigger Warning - The following poem strongly references suicide and death. *** It's been a while since I've posted, but this poem might explain why. I've been going through what has undoubtedly been the worst case of depression I've ever had. Missing multiple days of work, self-isolation, lack of personal hygiene, laying in bed... Continue Reading →


I finally feel stable,I have control over my mind.I'm finally capable,I'm no longer confined. I'm finally free,The demon is caged.It can no longer torture me,This makes it enraged. I have lingering feelings,Although not as prevalent.I like to think I'm dealing,As my mind becomes benevolent. I can see the beauty,The world is full of it.There use... Continue Reading →

Returning Demon

My demon is returning,I can feel it coming for me.My stomach starts churning,As I can do nothing but plea. I plea for it to stop,Stop the tormenting.Tears begin to drop,As there's no way of preventing. Why do I feel this way?Why can't I stop crying?Who can convince me to stay,When I feel like dying? That... Continue Reading →


I'm heavily medicated,It hardly works.I feel deflated,I'm a walking corpse. I feel empty inside,I'm a zombie.I'm hardly alive,I have a weight on me. It's soul crushing,It's destructive.My blood is rushing,I feel defective. The worst was the Prozac,I lost my mind.The way my brain reacts,Made me go blind. Blind to the beauty of the world,Blind to... Continue Reading →

Held Back

I have hopes,I have goals.Yet all I can do is mope,As I continue to dig this hole. There's a devil in me,It holds me back.I want to be set free,I want to pick up the slack. Goals go unfulfilled,My mind goes blank.It's not that I'm unskilled,I'm just stuck in a dunk tank. The devil throws... Continue Reading →


I've become demoralized,I've lost all ambition.I've come to realize,I've succumbed to submission. I use to dream big,Now my dreams are just dreams.A hole of self-destruction I dig,As my mind bursts at the seams. I wanted to be a wrestler as a kid,I wanted that fame and glory.Now I want to fall off the grid,Put an... Continue Reading →

Demons On Fire

My demons are on fire,That's right, they're angry.The situation isn't dire,But lately I've been cranky. I can tell it's the depression,Just with a hint of frustration.I can feel the lingering aggression,As I await my salvation. My demons are on fire,They cause me to lash out.Of this I have no desire,But my mind is in a... Continue Reading →

I’m Fine

I'm fine, I say.I'm lying to myself,To get through the day.It's never heartfelt. Today was rough,I'm not excited for tomorrow.I've had just about enough,Of feeling this intense sorrow. I'm fine, I lie.I put on a fake smile,And avoid the urge to cry.What makes life worthwhile? Worth, something I lack.Self-loathing at it's peak.My brain's all out... Continue Reading →

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