Mental Health Monday: Nirvana – Lithium

Welcome to Mental Health Monday where we take a look at music that brings light to mental health issues. This week I bring you Nirvana's song titled Lithium. This heavily talks about the voices in your head feeding you negative energy. Force the negative out. You're stronger than you think. I’ve created a playlist of... Continue Reading →

Sadness Vs Depression

I must admit, I've had writer's block as of late. So, I did a little research on topics to write about. In my research I came across this: This resonated with me. After having experienced both situational depression and clinical depression, I found this would be a good topic to explore again. Sadness Sadness is... Continue Reading →

Mental Blind Spots

“What I love about therapy is that they’ll tell you what your blind spots are. Although that’s uncomfortable and painful, it gives you something to work with.”Pink

Demons On Fire

My demons are on fire,That's right, they're angry.The situation isn't dire,But lately I've been cranky. I can tell it's the depression,Just with a hint of frustration.I can feel the lingering aggression,As I await my salvation. My demons are on fire,They cause me to lash out.Of this I have no desire,But my mind is in a... Continue Reading →

I’m Fine

I'm fine, I say.I'm lying to myself,To get through the day.It's never heartfelt. Today was rough,I'm not excited for tomorrow.I've had just about enough,Of feeling this intense sorrow. I'm fine, I lie.I put on a fake smile,And avoid the urge to cry.What makes life worthwhile? Worth, something I lack.Self-loathing at it's peak.My brain's all out... Continue Reading →

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