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Days Gone 2 Petition

Recently, Bend Studio pitched an idea for Days Gone 2 but it was ultimately denied by Sony for whatever reason. I'll keep this brief. Days Gone deserves a sequel. I can't emphasize that enough. There's a petition for Sony to greenlight Days Gone 2 for development. Here's the link: If you had any interest... Continue Reading →

The Best Video Games Of The Year 2001

Last time we took a look at the best games of the year 2000. Here are my picks for the best games of the year 2001. I'm only including games I've played as it wouldn't be an authentic list if I included a game simply due to popularity. Jak And Daxter: The Precursor Legacy A... Continue Reading →

Sony Have Lost It

I'm not one to report gaming news, like at all. I try to keep up with what's going on in the gaming industry but I mostly just play the games that peak my interest without getting invested in rumors. However, this news is upsetting and downright infuriating. Sony has lost it. I'm highly disappointed in... Continue Reading →

Buying A PS2 In 2020

A few weeks ago, I bought a silver PS2 slim. Why? Because it's an iconic console with a plethora of amazing games that I once enjoyed as a child and still to do this day love to relive from time to time. It was kind of a Christmas present to myself. What better way to... Continue Reading →

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