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What is my purpose?
What am I doing here?
Was I meant to feel this worthless?
Why does the future seem so unclear?

These questions always crossed my mind,
I contemplated my existence daily.
How could I be so blind?
The answers were inside of me.

I’ve known what I wanted to be,
I’ve known what I was meant to do.
Depression took away my ability to see,
Oh man, the hell I’ve been through.

The countless tears I’ve shed,
The harmful thoughts in my head.
The time I’ve wasted laying in bed,
The times I thought I’d be better off dead.

While the path I’m taking is unclear,
The direction almost seems certain.
I now know what I must do here,
It’s time to pull the curtain.

This time I won’t submit,
I have to be a fighter.
You’ve guessed it,
I’m a writer.

Personal blogs, poetry, reviews,
I loved to do it all.
Then depression changed my views,
And I slammed face first into a wall.

But that’s in the past,
It’s time to live in the present.
Time to put my passion on blast,
And show the world my true intent.

– The Bipolar Gamer


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