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I’m heavily medicated,
It hardly works.
I feel deflated,
I’m a walking corpse.

I feel empty inside,
I’m a zombie.
I’m hardly alive,
I have a weight on me.

It’s soul crushing,
It’s destructive.
My blood is rushing,
I feel defective.

The worst was the Prozac,
I lost my mind.
The way my brain reacts,
Made me go blind.

Blind to the beauty of the world,
Blind to the happiness in front of me.
All I had to do was observe,
I’ve been able to set my mind free.

I stopped taking it,
I feel a little better.
I no longer want to quit,
I crumble the letter.

It’s only up from here,
I’m destined for greatness.
I will not fear,
I’ve become courageous.

– The Bipolar Gamer


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