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Held Back

I have hopes,
I have goals.
Yet all I can do is mope,
As I continue to dig this hole.

There’s a devil in me,
It holds me back.
I want to be set free,
I want to pick up the slack.

Goals go unfulfilled,
My mind goes blank.
It’s not that I’m unskilled,
I’m just stuck in a dunk tank.

The devil throws it’s hatred,
And I take the fall.
I was destined for greatness,
Now I can’t even stand tall.

My only goal right now,
To finish this poem.
I will not bow,
I’ve put the devil on notice.

I’m making a comeback,
I feel it in my soul.
My mind begins to unpack,
As I work towards my goals.

I’m no longer held back,
I have the upper hand.
I’ve found my knack,
As I take a stand.

– The Bipolar Gamer


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