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Demons On Fire

My demons are on fire,
That’s right, they’re angry.
The situation isn’t dire,
But lately I’ve been cranky.

I can tell it’s the depression,
Just with a hint of frustration.
I can feel the lingering aggression,
As I await my salvation.

My demons are on fire,
They cause me to lash out.
Of this I have no desire,
But my mind is in a bout.

I’m fighting sadness and anger,
I can’t find a middle ground.
I’m no longer held by an anchor,
My anger knows no bounds.

My demons are on fire,
I’m burning up inside.
I’m going completely haywire,
I must admit, I’m terrified.

I’m afraid of causing pain,
Pain that’s not deserved.
While my relationships in a strain,
We vowed, for better or worse.

My demons are on fire,
I give them no power.
Their reign has expired,
My heart they will not devour.

– The Bipolar Gamer


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